Testing out my Nike Downshifter 5


Today I’m testing out my new Nike Downshifters for a change of pace. I’ve had these shoes for about 3 months and have loved walking in them every time. Especially since the Dark Blue mesh seems to go with almost anything.


Now for a while I had been debating whether or not to wear them for running, but I finally broke down and made my decision. So since I’ve never actually ran in them before I don’t know how good they’re going to be. Odds are they’ll be decent, but I could be surprised. What I can comment on however is how they have been as daily kicks for the average person.

Style: 8 – I honestly have to give them a pretty high rating since they are one of my new favorite pair. Everything from jeans to cargo’s to shorts and even your occasional suit can be worn with them. Well maybe not the suit, but that’s still pretty good.

Function: 7 – Now keep in my mind that this is based solely off my wearing them as a daily walking shoe, but regardless it delivers. The inner soles are pretty soft which helps if you’re walking around all day, but the shoe tends to be a bit narrow. I have a pretty wide foot and sometimes it becomes stiff after a few hours, so watch out if you’re planning to wear them for 12 hours straight. Another downside I found with the shoe is that it isn’t as flexible as I like, so stair climbs might be out of the question. Other then that I’d suggest wearing them with the laces untied if you got feet like me and enjoy them while they last.

Cleaning: 6 – The mesh is one of the things that is pretty easy to maintain on these, but white soles are always difficult. The easiest thing I found was just putting a little dish liquid on a paper towel and clean it that way. Other advice; stay away from mud.

Price: 9 – This I’m rating it pretty highly on due to the fact that most places that have these are selling them off pretty cheap.  I got mine on sale at Super Shoes for about $40 which isn’t that bad when compared to comparable sneakers. So, if you’re looking to get a pair I wouldn’t really pay more than about $50 at a store because I’m sure other places will have them cheaper.


All ratings are based on a scale from 1-10.


4 thoughts on “Testing out my Nike Downshifter 5

  1. Hi cheryl, sorry there were problems with the link I had to the button, but it has been fixed now. Anyone interested in sponsoring a run can use the donate link in the “Buy a Run” page to contribute. Thanks for your help.

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