More running fun with free trip to Washington

Sometimes in life we’re lucky enough to have opportunities present themselves to us that we were not expecting and today I have one to share. As I mentioned in earlier posts I am heading to Yakima, WA this fall, but to my surprise there might be a slight twist on this trip.

Instead of doing just one trip to Washington it seems as though there will be 2 this year. Yes, that’s right I said 2. Best of all, 1 of the trips is free. “How is it free,” you might be asking ? Well it turns out that the friend I would be staying with in Washington has been asked to move sooner than expected due to the desire to fill the position. Now for my friend it was a bit of a downer because she were now forced to drive the 3000 miles to Washington by herself instead of going with their father like she had originally planned.


Luckily for her she was able to find a solution to this problem pretty quickly,  “Me”. Seeing as how she already lived in Florida and I would be visiting there for the next month I have decided to drive the 3000 mile journey with her to alleviate the stress of doing it alone. Best of all for me she has agreed to pay for all gas and hotel stays with the money her job gave her for relocation expenses.  The only problem I had at that moment was what to do with my return flight from Florida? Thankfully for me I was able to get reimbursed from the airline for my return flight and was able to use that money to pay for the flight back from Washington. So all I have to pay for is the food to last me the 3 days it will take to drive there.

Needless to say this will be a real fun couple of months. Follow me twitter and instagram to get live updates from your favorite states.


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