For those of you who know about is us “Thanks for stopping by” and for all newcomers I say”Welcome”. My name is Jason Kasher and I’m a 23 year old entrepreneur from Reading, PA. Paid To Run is my latest project which is aimed at fulfilling 3 main goals.

  • Raising money to pay off my nearly $30,000 in student loan debt
  • Help me to accomplish my goal of running 1000 miles in 6 months
  • Help raise money for future projects like this

With little more than some old-fashioned hard work and persistence I plan to fully see each one of these goals through to the finish.  So for now I invite you to browse my blog and check out the site to see how things have been progressing.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jason,

    I think this is a fantastic idea and I read your article on Philly.com

    I am training now for the rock n roll half and the Philly marathon in nov. and would be interested in maybe trying to team up to raise money or just learn more about the journey and donate to your cause.

    Best wishes!

    • Hi,
      Thanks for showing support for my cause. Currently I’m still trying to build support for the project as it stands and have not yet begun to pull others in. After the first few months though I would like to try bringing others in to run as well once I have some more days booked on the calendar. Although I have nothing planned for November October 1st and December 25th are both supposed to auctioned off so that the majority of the profit goes to charity. However despite this I encourage you to follow the journey on my blog to see when I will be back in Philly to run. If you are still interested in donating to the cause all help will be greatly appreciated and can be done so on the (Buy A Run) page by clicking the donate button. Once again thank you for your interest and I hope to hear from you throughout the journey.

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