Summer Playlist

For some of us getting up and running everyday is a ritual that can never be broken; for others just getting back into the swing of things can become a little more difficult than that. So while sitting at my house in between answering emails and writing blog posts, I started trying to figure out what could motivate me today.

Luckily the answer hit me pretty quickly and before I knew it I had Old School Nas running through my mind. ┬áSo my question to all you loyal followers is “What gets you motivated to run on days when you’re not feeling up to it?”

Some classic Nas Illmatic was the top thing on my playlist today.


Hills are my new best friend

Getting ready to run over 1000 miles is not something you can prepare for perfectly, but I’ll attempt to take a shot at it today. Tracks, trails, and your local side-walks are great, but unless you live in San Francisco, odds are you’re quick 3 mile run may not be too intense.

Sadly to say I don’t live in San Francisco either so to remedy this I’ve started attacking any and all hills I can find. Today it will be in Reading, Pa at the famous Pagoda on top the hill.

For those of you not from the area the photo below will give you a pretty good depiction of what it looks like at night. Perched atop one of the highest points in the city this landmark has been interesting runners for years, and today it interest me.The Glowing Pagoda (Reading PA)

So with that being said I’m off for an early morning race to the summit. To find out more about the places I run and stay in touch check me out @paidtorun.