6 Days Till Florida



Washington Bound

Just found out that I’m going to be Washington bound this coming fall. A friend of mine just landed a new job in Yakima, WA and has said they would be cool with letting me stay there for a while. At this time I’m not sure how long I’ll be staying out there, but I will definitely be there for at least a month or two.

Now since I’ve never been west of Texas I’m pretty hype for the drive there, and the people I’ll meet along the way. Although the 2700+ miles will not be quick at all it will give me a great opportunity to hit up some cool cities on the way, and snag some good runs in my free time. ┬áHere is a quick photo list of some of the places I’ll be passing on my way out west in the next couple of months.






The only thing to figure out now is whether or not my little Ford Focus is ready for this trip as much as I am. Or better yet at six feet tall am I ready for 2 days worth of driving in a car made for people 5′ 5″. Either way stay tuned over the next couple months to see updates on this trip and many more to come.