Great Hiking Trails Yakima, WA

If you’re looking to explore some of the best trails around while sniffing the sweet smell of vineyards in the air then look no further than Yakima Valley. I’ve only been here for about 2 weeks now and in that short period of time I am happy to say that Washington is by far one of the best places I’ve visited so far. Don’t believe me, check out my list of some really cool trails to visit next time you’re on your way through this beautiful state.

Cowiche Canyon, the Tieton Nature Trail

Hiking near Chinook Pass, Washington.

Bench Loop Trail

Yakima Canyon Rim (Skyline) Trail


Good Times at Polk State College

During my last couple days here in Polk county, Florida I’ve been taking the time to visit one of my favorite little parks in the area. Nestled in the heart of Winter Haven, Fl right on the Polk State College campus is perhaps one of the most under-rated parks around.

polk baseball


Perfection on the baseball field.

bella pull up


Hands down to the pull-up queen!

running polk state college


The running path here isn’t one of the best or longest around, but with scenic views of the baseball diamond, soccer fields, and nearby lakes it is pretty good.  As you can see from the photo I didn’t look too upset so if you’re in the area I would recommend stopping by at least once or twice.


chest polk state college


The outdoor workout stations here were what kept bringing me back. You literally can work everything from chest and back to quads and core. Another good thing to note is that unlike many outdoor workout stations they offer step by step exercises to do each day.


polk college


The Band “Bloated Roadkill” Scheduled for Sept. 3rd Run.

Just got word that this cool local band from Reading, PA has decided to give PaidtoRun a shot. The band “Bloated Roadkill” is composed of 4 members (Groundhog, Possum, Raccoon, and Dawg) from the Berks area who started jamming together in late 2008. After several hours of playing together at a mutual friend’s house on Christmas day 2008 the group decided to take their passion for music even further and create a band.

bloated roadkill

For more info on “Bloated Roadkill” and potential booking check them out at.